Clothed with Power

Explore "Clothed with Power" T-Shirts, proudly made in the USA from organic cotton. Our mantra, "Worship Him in Spirit, in Truth, and Speak His Word only," embodies a life beyond the ordinary, rooted in divine principles. We prioritize spiritual pursuits, resisting earthly distractions, and remain committed to a deep connection with God. Join us on a journey of spiritual growth, navigating the ongoing battle against worldly temptations.



Word + Faith Designs are to help you to remember to mix faith with the word to produce the promises.


Don't miss the rapture and be LEFT BEHIND. Don't be LIMA BRAVO!

Remember in the 25th chapter of Matthew, the 10 virgins living undefiled from the world? Five living from a place of relationship with God and five from a place of familiarity with God? Only the five living out of relationship with God go with Him in that time which is upon us! Don't be like the five virgins who missed the bridegroom. DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND! DON'T BE LIMA BRAVO!


Clothed with Power Head Gear

In the realm of Clothed with Power, we honor the transformative impact of what meets the eye. Amidst life's clamor, our hats become vessels of positive light, inspired by the mandate to worship in spirit and truth. Each hat, more than an accessory, is a proclamation, a reminder, and a source of encouragement in your covenant with God, speaking the word only. Join us in adorning a life "Clothed with Power." Your journey with us is a grateful testament to a life aligned with divine principles. Thank you for being part of our worshipful journey.



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